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Basement windows, drainage, and waterproofing.

Egress Windows


Maintaining and building a strong foundation is an absolute must for the safety and value of your home. Many homes in egress-windowthe Indianapolis area were built with windows inserted into the foundation to bring light and ventilation into basements in the area. Although it provides great lighting and fresh air, it can become a serious problem for older homes.

Water and soil intrusion can cause major foundation issues for the home. Insuring a functional window well drainage system can save your home from serious foundation issues, cracks and settling. There are many ways to alleviate window well issues including:

Window Well Drains: Installation of either an interior or exterior window well drain helps push water and excess debris from the foundation of the home to either a safe drainage spot outside the home or into a system installed in the home. These sump basins can be easily cleaned and managed by the homeowner post installation.

window-well-drainWindow Well Covers: Keep debris from entering your home by using window well covers to halt debris from entering the home through cracks near the window well. The covers work as a seal between your home and the outside debris that can dirty your access area and possibly increase foundation issues.

These window well solutions can help you easily maintain and eliminate water and debris near your home’s foundation. Learn how Waterproof Seal can improve your home’s livability today.




Plastic Vs Metal Window Covers


If your window well installation is not properly maintained on a regular basis, debris and rainwater can begin to cause intrusion into the window, leading to system failure. But what can you the homeowner do to stop this? Choosing the right window well drain can be the difference between continuous protection and critical failure.

Many homeowners choose to turn to plastic window covers. This can be a serious mistake: rainwater and debris intrusion can easily cause the seal to begin to degrade and finally fail. This can cause very quick pooling, emphasizing the need for a sump pump at your window well. Avoid this headache by installing a metal window cover.

Metal window covers are custom-made to fit the window well in question. They are able to stand the test of time, keeping debris and water away from your window well and away from your foundation. These covers create an almost vacuum tight seal to your window that can stand the elements and climate changes seen in the Indianapolis area.

This allows you to have peace of mind that your window well will be debris free and reduce the chances of cracking within the window itself as well as in your foundation. Light can still reach your basement and ventilation is abundant, but this gives you the ability to bring the positives of the outdoors in and keep water and soil out.




Window Well Drainage


Window wells are a small portion of your foundation, but one of the biggest concerns of your foundation and basement safety. It is likely that you spent very little time thinking about how tight of a seal your window well creates, but this is something that can cause issues for your home.

Window wells allow sunlight and ventilation into your basement, but if not properly installed they can easily allow other  harmful items through the window including water and debris. These invaders can cause mold and ventilation issues, as well as eventually cause foundation cracks. Alleviate these issues by improving your water and debris problem with improve window well drainage using waterproof basement windows.


Installing a new waterproof basement window helps reduce and eliminate the transfer of exterior moisture and debris into the home. Often older homes have busted seals on their basement windows which causes a slow leak into the home. Homeowners try to undercut the price by installing plastic covers and installing windows on their own, but this can lead to more problems.

Choosing a company like Waterproof Seal to install a new waterproof basement window can not only make your basement space usable again, but can save you bundles of money in the upcoming years in window and foundation repair. Discover how Waterproof Seal can help your home become safe and moisture free today.



Glass Block Windows


When choosing replacement waterproof basement windows, there are many options available. Prices vary, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. These windows serve as an access for light and ventilation into your basement, which can quickly become musty and downright dangerous if not properly ventilated.

When choosing your replacement waterproof basement window, look towards glass block windows. Why are these the preferred choice for homeowners with basements?


Simple: These windows provide a solid, safe seal that keeps exterior moisture and debris from entering the home and endangering your basement. These windows now only serve as protection from your home, but they also are the most energy efficient basement window on the market.

These windows often meet Energy Star standards and help reduce the electricity used in the home to keep the basement at cool and comfortable temperature. Not only are do they have tight seals, but they also still allow for sunlight to enter into the home to brighten the basement for recreational use.

As leaders of the market, block windows provide all the positives discussed, while bringing a more attractive style to the exterior of the home with many different options to match the brick, vinyl or Hardy board of your home. Don’t let money literally float out of your window, look towards waterproof glass block windows to improve your home’s energy use and safety.



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