Damp or Musty Crawlspace?

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What Is Crawlspace Encapsulation?


encapsulated-crawlspace-afterCrawlspace Encapsulation describes a crawlspace that has been protected against moisture and saturation through the use of a vapor barrier that is attached to the walls of the crawlspace. This vapor barrier acts as a basement waterproofing mechanism that keeps moisture on the exterior of the home by protecting the foundation and crawlspace from being invaded through openings and cracks. This process creates a seal throughout the entire crawlspace, including the walls and plumbing pipes and brace supports. All existing moisture is sealed under that new barrier and it prevents new moisture from entering.

If your home does not include a concrete flooring, a flooring may be installed that is 2”-3” thick to assist the barrier in protecting your home. This method of encapsulation will assist in making your crawlspace not only a usable, safe space again, but free of mold and other toxins that can affect the health of your family home.

Not all crawlspace vapor barriers are created equal: Waterproof Seal strives to provide the high quality vapor barriers on the market to improve the safety and well being of your home. Our experts are able to efficiently assess and execute the installation of a vapor barrier with ease, ensuring that your entire crawlspace is no safe from intrusive water and debris from outside of the home.

Reduce the stress of potential molds, basement, and foundation cracks. Installing a crawlspace encapsulation system can improve the value, safety and overall performance of your homes utilities. Learn more today!



Wet / Damp Crawl Spaces


If your home does not have a basement, it is very likely that you have an often forgotten crawlspace area. Only a few feet high, this area acts as an access through the foundation to pipes, framing and duct work under the home.  Although these areas are rarely used, they can truly become a nuisance and danger to your home.

If you use your crawlspace for storage, there is an obvious need for the area to be waterproof. Sadly, many existing homes have cracked crawlspaces or no concrete at all. If water is pooling or standing in your crawlspace, this can seep into your home through basement and foundation cracks and create the perfect breeding ground for mold and other toxins. But how can I fix this?


There are numerous options to fix your crawlspace issues. Ensuring that your home has a 2”-3” even concrete pour under the home will help keep areas from pooling and causing issues. If you already have an existing concrete pour, there are urethane injections that will fill concrete dips and cracks to help reduce issues with infiltration.

Exterior waterproofing membranes and drain tiles can also help your crawlspace area from the exterior of the crawlspace by pushing any excess moisture away from the home and foundation. Waterproof Seal can come to your home and assess your crawlspace issue to create a concrete plan to make your crawlspace not only usable, but safe again.





Vapor Barriers



Vapor Barriers are an essential part of any crawlspace encapsulation project. A vapor barrier is the main course of action when you are creating a new crawlspace or attempting to update a moldy, damp and unusable crawlspace. These barriers are installed to seal the current conditions underneath the barrier and freshen the new area throughout the crawlspace. The barrier seals the entirety of the crawlspace, preventing water and debris from invading the area and damaging any property that you may be storing in the area.

vapor-barrierThere are many benefits to using a vapor barrier to seal your crawlspace. If you are installing a vapor barrier in a new home, you can rest assured that your home will not have crawlspace issues for many years to come. If you are considering installing in an existing home, a vapor barrier makes your crawlspace a healthy environment for a wide variety of uses including storage and accessing the frame and pipes of the home.


Keeping your crawlspace debris and water free also can extend the life of your foundation and decrease the likelihood of sagging in the future. These barriers create additional usable space, which can help boost the value of the home as well.

Waterproof Seal uses the highest quality vapor barriers on the market to encapsulate your crawlspace. The team of experts ensures that your home will have many years of safe and reliable barrier protection under your home, which improves the living conditions of the home itself. Learn more about vapor barriers today!



Gasses, Critters, and Humidity


Your crawlspace is often out of sight, out of mind. A rarely used or never used space, crawlspaces can be a hidden danger to your home. Although this area may need mundane, it is actually part of the core of your home; the foundation. Crawlspaces that are not property ventilated and without barriers against external dangers can cause serious concerns to become a part of your daily life. Crawlspaces that are not properly ventilated can be a breeding ground for dangerous gases, toxins and mold.



A combination of heat and water intrusion into the crawlspace is the perfect home for mold spores to begin to arise that can cause your crawlspace to be extremely dangerous and the possibility of spores entering the interior of your home.

This moist air can seep into your floorboards and into your home causing gases to enter the home and potential flooring issues such as cracking and sagging. This combination can not only be harmful to the family, but also to your home value as well.

The assessed value of your home will likely go down due to these issues and you as the homeowner will either have to fix the issue before closing or the buyer may ask for a price reduction. Don’t forget about your furry friends either. You may know that this crawlspace is dangerous, but it makes the perfect home for critters to bundle up for the season. Avoid these issues by creating a crawlspace encapsulation plan today!

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